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First Era

1856 – The Beginning
Adolph Siot, a French immigrant, was the first to plant wine grapes and build a winery in Templeton, CA
He purchased a 140 acre property in 1891, and planted fruit trees and grapevines from which he made wine.
1908 – The ROTTA era
Joe Rotta, migrated from Italy in 1905 and later acquired the vineyard and winery from Siot.
1920’s – Prohibition
Clement Rotta purchased the vineyard and winery from his brother Joe in 1922 ROTTA Winery continued operation by producing sacramental wine for local churches as well as grape juice

Second Era

1933 – Bonded Winery
With the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, Clement Rotta bonded the family winery and resumed commercial operations

1960’s & 70’s –The ROTTA Run
College students and surfers from the south would drive up to ROTTA (one of three wineries in Paso Robles at the time) and purchase gallon jugs of wine for $2.25. Romilda “Momma” Rotta  would fill up the jugs and if you brought your own, she’d take $0.50 off the price.


Recent Era

2001 – Reviving the Past
With the rapid expansion in the Paso Robles AVA, Mike Giubbini, grandson of Clement Rotta, sought to resume commercial operations at ROTTA
2003 – The San Simeon Earthquake
In December of 2003, a magnitude 6.6 earthquake struck the Central Coast of California and the original winery buildings were devastated
2006 – The Construction
In the wake of the devastation caused by the earthquake, a new, state-of-the-art winery was constructed the original winery site

winery & vineyards

Paso Robles, California

Rotta sits on some of the finest grape growing soils in the famed Willow Creek District of the West side of Paso Robles. On the tail end of the Santa Lucia Mountain Range our vineyards hang off the steep hillsides comprised of old bedrock with largely Calcareous soils. Amongst the stratified layers of calcarious rock are occasional patches of younger marine sedimentary rocks of the Miocene age Monterey Formation. These soils are laden with old marine fossils and the occasional chunk of the famed Paso “whale bone”.

Being one of the furthest West appellations nestled in the heart of the Templeton Gap, our micro climate is heavily influenced by our proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the hills and valleys that surround us. The result is warm sunny days and cool nights with temperatures falling 30 degrees in the late afternoon. This diurnal fluctuation is cornerstone to maintaining the acidity levels in our grapes while slowly achieving perfect ripeness. This microclimate married with the complex rock soils laced with marine fossils produce exceptional wines with an absolute sense of place. Something the French refer to as “terrior”. 20 acres Planted on the West Side Estate Vineyard at an elevation of 1200 ft:

On the Eastside of Paso Robles is our 92 acre Buena Vista Vineyard. Rows running east to west on the Estrella Bench, reside in alluvial, sandy loam soil laced with crushed calcareous rock and river stone. Excellent drainage and light soils stress the vines to produce grapes of intense flavor and character. Again, the warm days and cool nights have a dramatic impact on acid levels. This diurnal temperature fluctuation, “The Paso effect”, produces the juicy ripeness that is indicative of amazing Bordeaux varietals.

Vines deeply rooted in stratified layers of calcarious rock
Bone Rock

Winemaker Ben Mayo

Winemaker Ben Mayo

Ben Mayo is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He is centered and completely present in the shoes he is standing in. You might say he has a quiet wisdom about him. He is light hearted, quick witted and the first to crack a joke and make everyone around him comfortable and feel at ease. Ben’s state of Zen stems from being truly happy with his roles in life as a dedicated family man, a creative spirit and being a master of his profession; winemaking. His dynamic and diverse life experience has been cornerstone to his evolution as an individual, an artist and a craftsman.

Ben grew up on the Central Coast, his parents were teachers at Cal poly and Cuesta College. He also lived in the Southwest and the East coast of the US. He was also lucky enough to spend time living in Europe. These meanderings expanded his knowledge and fueled his curiosity for life and art. Food and wine were always an important part of his family’s life, surrounding him with rich cultural experiences.

Ben earned a BA in Cultural Anthropology from UC Santa Cruz. He worked a harvest just after school and began his love affair with wine. It appealed to the scientist in him. However, restless youth and his love for the arts led him to study art in San Francisco for 6 years. There he became part of the local art scene working in galleries and as a professional photographer. Food & Wine were never far away and continued to spark his curiosity.

By the mid 1990s Ben’s curiosity for wine had grown into a passion, so he headed back to the central coast to explore winemaking. He enrolled at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where he earned a degree in Wine Marketing. He worked at a number of top wineries including Justin and Meridian learning his craft and honing his skills. He was hired at Eberle and worked under Gary Eberle for 2 years before being promoted to winemaker. He spent another 11 years at Eberle, where he mastered his craft and became one of the top bordelaise winemakers in Paso Robles.

In the summer of 2015, the opportunity to work for the historic Rotta winery came about. The decision was easy, after walking the vineyard and seeing the incredible potential that the perfectly located property had to offer. Ben was named General Manager and Winemaker of Rotta in August. All of his training has led him to this place in time where he will combined both his love the arts and his passion for science. Let the creativity begin!

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